Your invitation to join Holstein Australia


If you like breeding dairy cows, then it’s time to take your passion to another level. Holstein Australia has all the tools you need to accelerate genetic improvement in your herd and get the most from your investment in genetics.


You’ll benefit from breeding high production, trouble-free and long-lasting cows that are a pleasure to milk. In the longer term, you’ll significantly increase the marketability of your surplus cows and heifers – and the value of your herd.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy the company and fellowship of like-minded producers throughout Australia and right around the world! This is your invitation to join us and start breeding a better business today!

How Holstein Australia can help you breed a better business

Improve your knowledge of breeding

  • Make better breeding decisions
  • Accelerate your genetic improvement program
  • Improve the value of surplus cows and heifers
  • Identify genetically superior individuals and families
  • Add significant long-term value to your herd
  • Provide internationally recognised records
  • Join a community of like-minded breeding enthusiasts
  • Enjoy social events throughout the year