Our 2 Millionth Herd Book Entry

2 M HB shot - LC

Recently Holstein Australia celebrated an historic milestone in the history of the Association.

The Australian Holstein herd book recorded the 2 millionth herd book entry!

What began with an idea of recording the pedigree of Holsteins by like-minded breed enthusiasts in Toowoomba in 1914 has over the last 103 years become the largest dairy breed association in Australia. The Herdbook and Appendix registry now contain the records of over 2 million Holstein animals.

“Who would have thought that all those years ago the founders of what is now Holstein Australia started a movement amongst breeders that can proudly claim to have recorded its 2 millionth herd book Holstein; it’s quite remarkable and a credit to past and present members.” said Graeme Gillan, Holstein Australia CEO.

The heifer that will be now and forever have HB: 2000000 is Billabong Bradnick Verify owned and bred by the Afford family of Billabong Holsteins, Woods Point SA. The Affords are members of the Fleurieu and Central SA sub branch.

Pictured with the 2 millionth girl is Gloria and Bob Afford and granddaughters Tegan and Courtney.