Average BPI value of Australia’s top 20 registered Holsteins increases by 22 units

The December 2017 proof release has revealed that the average BPI of the top 20 registered heifers has increased from 294 to 316. The top heifer BPI remained consistent at 337.

With top registered cow and heifer the same in the April and August 2017 proof releases, December sees Redmaw Powerball Elois (BPI 337) take over top heifer from Rengaw Redmaw Narjanea. Glomar Goldwyn Lucky 4319-ET (BPI 394) remained the clear leader as top cow.

Congratulations to the Ireland and Johnston families for achieving top heifer and top cow.

For the first time the December proof run includes a Heat Tolerance Australian Breeding Value, which allows farmers to identify animals with greater ability to tolerate hot, humid conditions with less impact on milk production. This is expressed as a percentage of 100. Some of the better heifers in this group had ABVs of 100 and were sired by Superhero (Illawambra Superhero Netta 3637) and Flamer (Gallrae 991 Flamer Dora 1486).

Congratulations to all the breeders and their families that appear on these lists for continuing the raise the bar!

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