Exporter and Export Agents

While Holstein Australia is not directly involved in the exporting of dairy animals, buyers of Australian Holsteins can be provided with comprehensive documentation confirming the identity, pedigree, ownership and breed standard compliance of every animal. Holstein Australia has good relations with many Australian live exporters and livestock agents who consign animals overseas.

LiveCorp and DAWR are two Australian agencies that can help with export enquiries in particular export protocol compliance.

The Australian Live Exporters Association of Australia (LiveCorp)

LiveCorp is a not-for-profit industry services company funded by statutory levies on livestock exporters. It provides research and development, marketing, training and communication services to the Australian livestock export industry, working closely with stakeholders to continuously improve industry operations.

Please click here to visit Live Corp website. If you are interested in exporting live animals, please click here.

Refer to LiveCorp's brochure on preparing cattle for export:  Livecorp Preparing cattle for live export 

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR)

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) is part of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.

DAWR manages quarantine controls at our borders to minimise the risk of exotic pests and diseases entering the country. DAWR also provides import and export inspection and certification to help retain Australia's highly favourable animal, plant and human health status and wide access to overseas export markets.

Please click here to visit DAWR Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock.