Quality Holstein Genetics

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Australia exports more than 50,000 quality Holstein heifers to China, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia and other countries each year. Australian Holsteins have proven themselves to be highly adaptable under a range of climates and production systems.

Australia has the largest population of milk-recorded, artificially-bred and registered Holstein cattle in the southern hemisphere. Holstein cattle make up about 70 per cent of Australia’s 1.6 million dairy cows. One quarter of these are registered in the Holstein Australia Herdbook or Appendix.

Almost half of Australian dairy producers participate in voluntary milk recording schemes. This data shows that the overwhelming majority of milk-recorded Holstein cows have been artificially bred using genetics sourced from throughout the world.

Industry data shows Holstein cattle produce an average of 7,087 litres milk, 278 kg fat (3.93%) and 232 kg (3.27%) protein from pasture-based production systems. Australian-bred dairy cows routinely achieve comparable production levels as their North American counterparts when run under the same management systems.

Buyers of Australian Holstein cattle can be provided with comprehensive documentation confirming the identity, pedigree, ownership and breed standard compliance of every animal. Registered heifers are also provided a Holstein Australia Certificate of Registration.

Prior to export, Holstein heifers are assessed by professional Holstein Australia classifiers to ensure they show the necessary conformation for high production, fertility, easy care and longevity; meet the breed standard for colour markings; and are free from any major visual defects or abnormalities.

Animals complying with the Holstein Breed Standard are issued with an Australian Dairy Breeding Animal Certificate. In addition, heifers exported to China are provided with pedigree and identification information via collaboration with the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS).