mateplus™ is the fast, simple and cost-effective way to accelerate genetic improvement in your herd by removing the guesswork normally associated with corrective mating. Developed by Holstein Australia specifically for use in the Australian dairy industry, mateplus is ideal for all dairy herds and all dairy breeds. Click here for more.


traitplus™ is Australia’s first independent conformation evaluation service for commercial dairy producers. It adds consistency and objectivity to your breeding program by providing an expert and impartial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your cows. You can then use this information to make better breeding decisions and improve those traits associated with production, fertility, management ease and longevity. Click here for more.


Genomics is expected to fast track genetic gain in Australian dairy herds with the pre screening of young sires and the wider availability of genomically tested bulls. The next phase of the use of genomic technology will be at the farm level with testing of cows to verify parentage. Holstein Australia can help you understand the technology and explain how it can benefit your herd.