Conformation Evaluation for All Dairy Producers

traitplus™ is Australia’s first independent conformation evaluation service for commercial dairy producers. It adds consistency and objectivity to your breeding program by providing an expert and impartial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your cows. You can then use this information to make better breeding decisions and improve those traits associated with production, fertility, management ease and longevity. It is ideal for use in Holstein Australia’s mateplus™ mating program.

How traitplus™ Can Help You to Breed A Better Business

  • Receive expert evaluation of your cows
  • Define your breeding objectives
  • Make better informed breeding decisions
  • Accelerate your genetic improvement
  • Review the progress of your breeding program
  • Get the most from your investment in genetics
  • Improve the value of surplus cows and heifers
  • Add significant long-term value to your herd

Using traitplus™ is easy!

traitplus™ is the easy and cost-effective way to have the conformation of your cows assessed by experts. To participate, simply contact Holstein Australia and arrange a farm visit. Professional classifiers from Holstein Australia will visit your herd and carefully assess the following 11 traits using internationally-recognised standards:

  • Rump Angle
  • Udder Texture
  • Udder Depth
  • Median Suspensory
  • Rear Attachment Height
  • Rear Teat Placement
  • Teat Length
  • Foot Angle
  • Bone Quality
  • Rear Leg-Rear View
  • Chest Width

Cows are assessed as they enter or leave the dairy, minimising any disruption to your work. Classifiers will also note up to four problem areas for improvement. This information can then be uploaded into mateplus™ or other mating programs using industry standard software.